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Hunter Lost 22 Pounds In 6 Short Weeks And Went On To Crush His First Obstacle Course Race Using The Obstacle Overtake System

"After weighing the heaviest I've ever seen on the scale, I knew I had to make a serious change. After starting the Obstacle Overtake System I Instantly Started Losing Body Fat And The Workouts Were Easy To Fit Into My Busy Schedule. I Lost 22 Pounds In 6 Weeks And Had A Blast At My First Race. This Program Is A Double Threat For Fat Loss And Obstacle Racing"

"Joe Is More Than A Coach Or A Trainer, He Is A Friend Who Will Walk The Journey With You - Even Virtually"

"Joe is more than a coach or trainer, he is a friend who will walk the journey with you - even virtually. He will celebrate the victories and encourage you through the hard times (and make no mistake, there will be hard times). He takes the time to find out what your goals really are, and then put together a plan which will help YOU reach those goals. His passion is unquestionable, and he is truly living out the calling God has on his life. I am very thankful to have become acquainted with Joe."

Ken - First Time Obstacle Course Finisher

Josh Went From Hitting The Lowest Point In His Life Physically To Dominating His First Obstacle Course Race On His 34th Birthday

"Exactly 6-weeks from the time I hit a serious low point in my life I accomplished something that made me feel on top of the world. I finished my first obstacle course race. I'm 34 and I feel like I've gotten the adventure back in my life that I lost a long time ago. I would have never accomplished that if it wasn't for Joe's Obstacle Overtake System."

"Joe's Programs Will Get You Ready To Tackle Any OCR Course"

"Joe's programs will get you ready to tackle any OCR course. Simply logging miles on a treadmill and pumping out some burpees will not get you ready for the brutality of an obstacle course race and Joe's plans take that into account. He also focuses on one of the most important and overlooked element of a well-rounded OCR athlete"

Paul Ten Haken - Competitor On NBC's Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge

"These Programs Are The Perfect Balance You Need To Conquer Any Terrain And Destroy Any Obstacle In Your Way!"

"These programs are the perfect balance you need to be effective at conquering any terrain and destroying any obstacle in your way! This will help you get the confidence you need to tackle any challenge, regardless of the race or venue!"

Antonio Pusateri - Elite Spartan Racer & World Championship Qualifier

Cory And Amy Committed To Their First Obstacle Race Together, Using The Obstacle Overtake System To Carry Them To The Finish LineClick to replace anchor text

"I was so proud of myself when I crossed the finish line. My husband and I followed The Obstacle Overtake System and all I can say is WOW, it was awesome! At the time I wasn't working out at all and felt really out of shape but that all changed when I started these workouts. I feel so much better about myself and way more confident."

"I Signed Up For Online Obstacle Race Training With Joe And Ended Up Losing 20 Pounds In 8 Weeks And Went On To Crush My Time From Last Year's Tough Mudder. I Also Just Finished My First Spartan Race Trifeca! Thanks Joe!"

Eric - 2x Tough Mudder Finisher & Spartan Race Trifeca Finisher

"The 6 Week Obstacle Overtake System Will Take You From The Couch To The Finish Line"

"This plan includes all of the must have body weight exercises and grip strength routines that are going to challenge and change your body's ability to overcome any obstacle. Lace up your running shoes, follow Joe's 6-Week Obstacle Overtake System and you will not only feel amazing, lose weight, and gain self confidence, but you will also earn that OCR medal!"

Jason Webster - OCR World Championship Athlete

This Program Brought My Body Back To Life!

I came into this not realizing how out of shape I was. I found out quickly that the training for my first obstacle course race was both fun, yet very specific for the obstacles as well. I would definitely recommend The Obstacle Overtake Program to anyone who needs to bring their body back to life!"Click to replace anchor text

Trey - First Time Obstacle Course Dominator

"Buy Constantly Pushing Yourself And Following This Program You Can Achieve Amazing Things In The World Of OCR"

"If you want to get out of your comfort zone and tackle an obstacle course race but don't know where to start, I highly recommend the 6 Week Obstacle Overtake System. The training will have you dominating obstacles and elevating your overall fitness. By constantly pushing yourself and following this program, you'll achieve amazing things in the world of OCR."

Eric Carranza - Elite Spartan Racer & World Championship Competitor

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