Will You Own The Spartan Race Wall?

What’s your biggest fear of the Spartan Race? Is it the running? The burpees? The freezing cold water? For many… it’s the Spartan Race wall climb. Truth is, I know people who have been itching to run a Spartan Race but are afraid they won’t even make it over the very first wall that sits 50 feet behind the starting line. That’s how intimidating this obstacle can be.

So if you’re afraid you won’t clear the wall, you’re not alone. And the fact that you’re here means you’re serious about conquering every obstacle at your next Spartan Race. For that I want to give you a big AROO from this side of the computer screen.

I want you to breath a big sigh of relief because in this article I’m going to reveal how you can own the wall climb with a few basic exercises.

Chances are, you’ll be running into the Spartan Race wall several times as you journey to the finish line. Problem is, if you can;t make it over the wall your burpee penalties are going to tally up very quickly making for an extra long and exhausting race. I know you don’t want that… Heck, I don’t want that for you!

The key to owning the Spartan Race wall climb is bodyweight strength and efficient maneuvering. If you can position your body efficiently then you can make it over the wall. Some with ease and others with a bit more “straining”… either way you’ll make it over the wall. That’s all that matters.

Discover How To Make It Over The Spartan Race Wall With These Simple Exercises And One Powerful Climbing Technique


You can do these exercises anywhere, anytime. You don’t need the gym, you don’t need any weights… all you need is a killer set of bodyweight exercises. And if you’re lucky enough… maybe you can find a wall (like I did) at your local park for some extra practice. Just don’t scare the kids on the playground.

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Joe LoGalbo is an obstacle race trainer for racers of all levels - elite and beginners. He is also the creator of the revolutionary Obstacle Race Training systems: Obstacle Overtake System, Obstacle Insanity Program, Obstacle Beast Program, and The Short Course Crushers Program. Joe is passionately providing the OCR community with expert training and nutrition articles and videos daily.

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