Spartan Race Hercules Hoist Simulation Training

One of the most exhausting obstacles during a Spartan Race is the Hercules Hoist. Primarily because most folks think they can just run up the rope end of a 100 pound sandbag and start pulling with absolutely no technique. The Spartan Race Hercules Hoist will sap you of energy in a snap if you have not a) trained specifically for the event with obstacle simulation training b) do not know how to use leverage to conserve your energy and build a “flow” that makes hoisting the Herculean sandbag easy.

I’m going to show you exactly how to train for the Spartan Race Hercules Hoist with a unique training format that is easy to follow and will save you from massive muscular and cardiovascular fatigue come race day.

This article is especially effective for you if you are a “lightweight” and don’t have a ton of muscle on your frame…

It’ s also extremely helpful for novice Spartan Racers or Spartans who have struggled time and time again on this particular obstacle.

Check out this video packed with 2 dominant Spartan Race Hercules Hoist workouts and one very important technique you’ll want to master before race day.


The most effect Spartan Race training techniques is something I like to call “Spartan Simulation Training”. The more your training simulates a Spartan Race, the more confident and prepared you will be for domination come race day.

The training tools I used in the video for the Spartan Race Hercules Hoist included:

  1. Wreck Bag (as an alternative you can also use a bucket filled with rock and sand, cinder blocks, tires, or heavy logs)
  2. 30 inch rope purchased from ACE Hardware. Be sure to cuts and burn both end of the rope to prevent from unraveling. You also want to wrap tape about 2 inches from the tip of the rope on both ends.
  3. Use a thick tree branch to throw the rope over. You can also use a goal post at a football field (as displayed in the video)

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Joe LoGalbo is an obstacle race trainer for racers of all levels - elite and beginners. He is also the creator of the revolutionary Obstacle Race Training systems: Obstacle Overtake System, Obstacle Insanity Program, Obstacle Beast Program, and The Short Course Crushers Program. Joe is passionately providing the OCR community with expert training and nutrition articles and videos daily.

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