Dominate The Spartan Race Bucket Carry

Picture this. You’ve just made it around the 4th mile of your Spartan Race. Legs are fatigued, lungs are burning, and your upper body is fried from your unfortunate run in with a set of 30 burpees a just few minutes earlier. As your head creeps above the steep hill you’ve been steadily climbing you see your next obstacle… The Spartan Race bucket carry.

An exhausting obstacle that tests your muscular endurance, cardiovascular stamina, and wears on your slowly weakening grip. You can expect to fill your bucket with a heavy 40 – 50 pounds of gravel and follow it up with a 200-300 yard trip up and down a few inclines and declines… sometimes while having to trudge with high kneels through a pool of water.

The bucket carry is known for its no-mercy full-body challenge. But there’s a way to fight back against this obstacle so you can move through the course powerfully and quickly without over-exhausting yourself before the next stretch of running or a soon following obstacle.

Spartan Race Bucket Carry Simulation Training (Workouts You’ve Never Done Before!)


Here’s what you’ll need to practice the Spartan Race bucket carry at your nearby park or backyard:

  1. Industrial Bucket from ACE Hardware
  2. Matter to fill the bucket up to 40+ pounds (In the video I used kettlebells however, you can also fill the bucket with sand and rocks. Be sure to progress to greater than 50 pounds eventually).
  3. To make the workouts in the video even more challenging, find a steep hill or trail that you can perform the workouts on.  

The best thing you can do when training for this dreaded Spartan obstacle is to add disadvantages to your training so when you finally come to this particular obstacle at your race, it will feel easier than compared to your training.

That’s right, you’re going to make the Spartan Race bucket carry harder at home than you will expect it to be at the actual race.

And there is a method behind the madness… You see,  the more stress and disadvantages you give yourself with your own training at home, the better you will perform on race day. Why? Because you are going to be utilizing every mechanical advantage possible come race day.

Also, if you are practicing your Spartan bucket carries with more resistance at home than you would during your race, you’ll experience massive strength benefits come race day.

It’s simple but an often overlooked training strategy.

Be sure watch the grip technique in the video for maximum grip preservation that will keep you from setting the bucket down even once over the course of the 300 yard carry. You don’t have time for that. You’ve got a race to finish.

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