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Weight Lifting Shown To Slow Down Spartan Racers
Weight Lifting Shown To Slow Down Spartan Racers But not for reasons you may think... Research held in the Human[...]
Weight Lifting Slowing Down Spartan Racers
Resistance Training Shown To  Decrease Performance Hormones Needed For Spartan Racing Research held in the Human Performance Laboratory at Penn[...]
7 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Spartan Racing
What are the "best of the best" exercises for Spartan Racing? I get this question several times from clients or[...]
The Biggest Myth In Obstacle Course Racing
I hear it all the time. At this point it's got to be the biggest myth in obstacle course racing... To[...]
5 Spartan Race Training Mistakes You Need To Avoid
Avoid These 5 Spartan Race Training Mistakes... Have you been training for a Spartan Race? Are you sure you know[...]
Low Calorie Breakfast Sandwich
LOW CALORIE BREAKFAST SANDWICH INGREDIENTS: 1 sandwich 1 bun of 100% Whole Wheat deli thins ½ a yellow squash ¼ orange[...]
Beastmode Breakfast Burrito
Beastmode Breakfast Burrito   INGREDIENTS: 8 cage-free large eggs 2 tablespoons 1% milk 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon minced garlic[...]
High Protein Blueberry Pancakes
Breakfast isn't just the most important meal of the day (excluding your post workout), but also the most delicious! Dive[...]